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I've been in Argentina since 2002. I really wish I met you earlier. I can't believe you've been there since 2005. I've never really wanted to hang out with any expats because many don't take the time to learn about Argentina or it's rich history. You embrace it like I do! Reading many of your posts are stuff we have mentioned over and over again.

It's so refreshing reading stuff like us that weren't born in Argentina we understand it, embrace it, and love it more than Argentines. I don't get it some times. Argentines have mostly given up on their country while guys like us show them they MUST believe in it for a better tomorrow!

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Great article as usual. The paid subscription is SO worth it. How long have you loved Argentina Mara?

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No hace mucho hice un viaje a Paraguay. La calidad de los productos, el surtido y los precios son mucho mejores que en Argentina. Se me ocurrió una idea. ¿Si compro un auto en Paraguay y lo uso en Argentina? ¿Cuánto tiempo puede permanecer este coche en Agentina usando matrícula paraguaya?

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