Ahh the votos en blanco go to the one with most votes.

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Good stuff, I've been looking everywhere for an analysis of how the newly undecided would break and haven't found the slightest bit of data analysis before this, so thanks for that

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I think Milei's turn out was still impressive. I NEVER thought I'd see something like this. However, he and his team have ignored some advice we've privately and publicly given him.

We keep telling Javier and his people they MUST come up with a plan. We haven’t agreed with everything he said. In our polling, most of the people that didn’t end up voting for him say they didn’t because he doesn’t have ANY specific plans besides blowing stuff up.

That is NOT a recipe to win. People want to hear more details. What specific plans do you have? Get ahead of the curve and announce some radical ideas. Rally around the Golden Visa plan by

@BuySellBA (https://x.com/BuySellBA/status/1713645318586445924?s=20) and other specific ideas that will bring in BILLIONS of dollars into Argentina.

He needs to come up with REALISTIC DOABLE stuff. Not things that aren’t realistic. Even my friends that originally were going to vote for him are leery about his lack of specific things and more importantly how he will do these things.

We mentioned this to his team weeks ago. Going around with a chainsaw will only get so many people fired up. I consider his election results are VERY impressive still. I NEVER thought I’d see so many people in Argentina rally around someone like him.

NOW, is the time to sharpen the pencil. Surround yourself with smart people and take their advice. The people that are voting for him will vote in the next round. His goal should be getting the other people on the fence. He needs some actionable plans. If he doesn't listen to us he doesn't deserve to win.

Get out NOW with achievable goals in the first 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 days. Make them realistic and achievable. Say how you are going to achieve them.

If he doesn’t follow @BuySellBA advice he will lose. He has ignored the advice we have given him thus far. That’s a receipe for disaster to lose the Presidency.

For the record, the things that @BuySellBA Disagrees with @JMilei are:

- His stance against sex education

- His stance against Feminist Policies (What can I say, I'm a sucker for females and their rights).

- His stance against Abortion (A women should ALWAYS have the right to choose)

- His stance against climate change saying humans haven't caused the climate to change. (You would have to be a moron at a catastrophic level to try to deny this). He should change his stance ASAP before the next election and say he was wrong on these things!

I haven't purchased a drop of gasoline in 11 YEARS. My family only drive's Teslas. I was one of the first to get a Model S, Model X and Model Y. I also ordered the Roadster (which I'm not sure when I'll get). I have 49 solar panels on my house and pay $0 in electricity.

He can still win but some of his policies we have always been against. Argentina MUST change. And he can still win but he needs to start listening to


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Milei wouldn’t need 50%, just needs to have the most votes, no?

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