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I'm happy to read this. Here in Alberta, Canada they are starting to do this as well. The 170,000 abandoned wells in the province have emissions equivalent to consuming nearly a million barrels of oil per year. In a time where ESG policies of our federal government have stopped us from building more pipelines to transport our resources to other markets, flaring gas mining is an economical way to help the environment while monetizing the waste gas for export to the world in the form of Bitcoin (no need costly pipelines to ship).

Looks like Alberta & Argentina have another thing in common- great beef. The flex in Europe was "Das Steak Argentinisch" I didn't make it to Argentina but these days I enjoy my Alberta beef with Chimichurri.

Cheers Mara

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Haha that is great to hear about the Chimichurri!

Yes, Canada has a lot of these stranded energy mining projects; at a certain point around 2020 it looked like they would shut some down but they ended up keeping them open.

I think these kind of projects will only increase in scale, it’s a great way to fund part of the exploration phase for new fields as well.

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